Julien de Savignac

00  5 53 07 10 31

Our nearest larger town is Le Bugue, a 15 minute drive from The Forge, and Julien de Savignac has the most amazing wine shop there. You can fill your own containers as well as buy great day to day table wines from approximately €2.50 per bottle for ‘le club’, or you can increase your spend to suit your taste. An incredible shop, with great staff, who also speak English.  They also offer wine tastings every day as you buy.

Vin Blanc Rouge

05 53 35 17 41

There is a good shop in Les Eyzies, a 10 minute drive from The Forge, owned by Tim Harrison who has worked for years in some of France’s finest establishments. He will effortlessly guide you through your choices of local wines.

Chateau de Tiregand

05 53 23 21 08  www.chateau-de-tiregand.com

Located only 40 minutes from The Forge, you can have a special tasting of the Pécharmant wines, learn the secrets of their production, hear about the rich history of this estate as well as a guided tour every weekday at 14:30 from June – end August.  This is a great vineyard to buy the beautiful, local Pécharmant wine.